10 Ways to Entertain Yourself Around the Campfire

Ideas to entertain yourself around the campfire

By Shelby Kisgen

Picture this: It is the fourth and final night of your camping trip. You have already gossiped about everyone at work, you have used your best jokes, and you are tired and a bit grumpy from not showering. Your group is around the campfire, wondering how to while away the hours until bedtime because you have exhausted your discussion topics on the other three nights. Then you pull out this fabulous list of ideas to entertain yourself around the campfire – and suddenly you have hours of entertainment!

  1. Honesty Time: Without the presence of technology to distract you, the campfire can be a fantastic way to converse on a deeper level. With the flames to capture your gaze and prevent awkward eye contact, the stars twinkling, and hushed whispers, the secrets come pouring out. When someone opens up, accept what they say and accept them. You do not have to agree, but you can listen.
  2. Discussion Topics: If secrets are too much but the shallow conversation is too little, try discussing your personal faith or dreams for the future. Both topics provide wide diversity in thought and help you know your ladies better.
  3. Lighten Up: Challenge each other to recall their most personal embarrassing story. If no one volunteers, tell their story if you know it. Then the challenge has truly begun. Laughter ringing off the campfire is one of the best sounds on earth.
  4. Scare Tactics: It is a universal fear to wonder about the crazy axe murderer in the woods. Harness this element of adrenaline, look eerily into the dark night, and start your best ghost story. Points are awarded for grabbing the leg of the woman next to you and making her scream.
  5. Chubby Bunny: This tactic is immature. It is mildly disgusting. It is also classic campfire entertainment. Have all participating players take one (uncooked) marshmallow in their mouth and say the words “Chubby Bunny”. Then two marshmallows and repeat. Then three, four, and so on. Stuff your cheeks with the marshmallows and whoever is easiest to understand with the most mallows in their mouth wins. They only win bragging rights for winning the dumbest game ever, but it always makes for a laugh. Warning: it is probably only best to play this game if one non-playing party in the group feels confident administering the Heimlich manoeuvre in an emergency. Nothing is more embarrassing than death by “Chubby Bunny”.


  1. Marshmallow, Chocolate And Graham Crackers At Fireplace Ready For Smores

    6. Five Truths and a Lie: This is a game of shocking hilarity. Each person secretly thinks up five true things about themselves, and one lie. Then they announce it to the group, and each member of the group votes on which one they think is the lie. This is especially fun when played with women you think you know well, like family or old school friends.

  2. Ask this: “What would you do tomorrow, if it was your last day to live?” The answers might make you laugh, they might make you cry. Both are good.


  1. Get Planning: Your friends are gathered with nothing but time on their hands. That is a rare thing. Now is the perfect time to start planning your next trip. Nothing makes the spirits rise on the last night of a great trip than to plan the next one. It does not fully prevent the “return to work” blues, but it does provide something to look forward to. Pick a new spot to explore, consider other people to invite, and remind each other not to forget the extra roll of toilet paper next time.


  1. Get Sentimental: Maybe it is the booze, maybe you are about to start your period, maybe it is the starry skies, maybe it is dirt in your eyes, but camping is a bonding experience. Tell your girlfriends how much you love them. Let them know how much it means to you that they joined you in nature for quality friendship time.


  1. Silence: The noise of the campfire crackling is hypnotic. Do not feel the need to break the silence. Enjoy the peace and stillness. Camping is the best time for companionable silence, to sit and breathe in the night while surrounded by those you love. These feelings of solitude without loneliness, silence without awkwardness, enjoy them.


Close up of an campfire at night glowing flames


When you need to entertain yourself around the campfire, don’t forget to take this list with you!

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