5 Types of Campers: Which One Are You?

By Shelby Kisgen

Many people feel called by the great outdoors. Various personality types, ages, males and females alike enjoy camping. These people also possess widely different views on the best way to camp. Check out the following list and decide from 5 types of campers: which one are you? Regardless of whether you are a combination of types or fit perfectly with one stereotype, camping truly is for everyone.


  1. Glampers: At the top of the list are the controversial “Glampers” or slang term for glamorous campers. The Ultra Minimalists group frowns upon them for bringing so much technology into nature whereas the Glampers argue that camping should be fun, and the fancy gadgets and air beds enhance their overall experience.

white camper van parked in coastal car park

How to Spot Them: That delicious scent of steak wafting through the woods, luring in bears and thru-hikers alike? Oh that is just a Glamper firing up their 28-burger capacity grill for a casual woods cook out. Feel free to duck under the mosquito netting and join them on their patio furniture, spaciously arranged under the awning of their RV. Glampers are congenial and hygienic types, so it is usually safe to accept food from them; you might even get a tour of their place, and get pick what to watch on the Plasma Television. Glampers can also be found in fancy tents with blow up mattresses or lounging in a hot tub on the back deck of a rental cabin. For a picky group, they are impressively versatile in their lodging choices.


  1. Ultra Minimalists: “No shoes, no shirt, and no problems”, as the Kenny Chesney lyrics go: these campers would agree. They are super into hiking, and probably running ultra-marathons.

                How to Spot Them: See a lean, panther-like figure trail-running toward you? Step aside because you are witnessing a rare, often elusive sight: The Ultra Minimalist. They are not likely to frequent popular camp grounds as the people distract them from the wilderness. Do not offer them a candy bar. I repeat, do not offer them a candy bar. Unless you found a tree nut lying at the base of the forest, it is probably not natural enough for their consumption. These folks love nature and the wilderness. They protect and honor the habitats around them. They never leave a trace besides a footprint, and they do not like silly recreational litterers. In case of an emergency, they are handy to have around because they know how to fashion a tourniquet out of pine needles and read the stars to locate the trail.


  1. Drinkers: Calling all wine lovers! This type of camping is for the lady who wants to kick back and put her feet up after a long work week. The wine/alcohol pours in a never-ending stream and the gossip flows just as easily. This type of camping is similar to glamping, because the beds are soft and the sun is up long before these ladies stumble for their strong coffee.

Romantic evening. Couple campfire while camping drinking beer

How to Spot Them: If you ask to borrow a marshmallow for your own fire and the gaggle of women erupts in giggles, you have caught them. A camping staple for these ladies is Bailey’s Whiskey Soaked Marshmallows. Borrow at your own risk.


  1. Hipsters: These folks think nature is neat, and fun to Instagram while wearing plaid beanies. To them, camping is cool and a nice break from society.

How to Spot Them: See a Converse shoe print on the trail or a flower head band hanging from a tree? Tread softly; you are in Hipster territory. They are not as fancy as the Glampers nor as extreme as the Ultra Minimalists. They are trendy and the latest new hiking or photography gadgets. Their outfits will be perfectly coordinated with each other and possibly with nature. Flowers and lace on everything. They will look effortlessly beautiful despite the layer of dirt from frolicking in the meadows.


  1. Backyardies: These people are downright fun! They know that camping is what you make it, so a night under the stars in the backyard can be just as fun as driving 100 miles to a different spot. Candle-roasted marshmallows, running inside for potty breaks, back yard campers dip their toes in the water of camping, but rarely submerge their heads. We hope someday they take the plunge, but until then, these are fond memories too.

How to Spot Them: Please refrain. That is just creepy; they are in their backyard!


So, which of these types of campers are you? Or are you a mixture of all of them? Thankfully, however, you answered those two questions is irrelevant as to whether or not camping is for you. Nature is enjoyable for all types of campers, of all ages, of all styles and preferences. Pick your fit, and do not be afraid to dabble in other styles as well. You might just surprise yourself with liking something new.

Here is a video of a lady camper with her view on 5 types of campers:


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