Camping Calendar Events (USA)

Want to plan ahead for your outdoor adventures? Check out this Camping Calendar Events for those in the USA, laid out month by month…

By Shelby Kisgen

We women sure do lead busy lives. Due to that, finding time to go camping can be difficult. Between work, family, friends, bills, and laundry, escaping for a weekend retreat in the woods can seem impossible. However, on holidays, people are not just allowed to slow down and enjoy themselves, it is expected. So when you are feeling frazzled and needing an excuse to gulp some fresh air, claim these holidays as your excuse for some well-earned downtime in the woods.

Here is a list of Camping Calendar Events (USA) month by month…


1st: New Year’s Day: Honestly, what better way to ring in the New Year than by toasting with flaming marshmallows? If you live in a cold place, consider renting a cabin with a cosy fireplace. If the weather is warm, by all means, sleep under the stars.

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19th: Martin Luther King Day: This is an American holiday, and so pertinent for the world of camping because nature accepts all people, ages, and demographics. What better day to celebrate this cultural unity than in the most unifying setting?



2nd: Groundhog Day: Did he see his shadow? Did he not? It does not matter either way; just get outside and try to see your own!

14th: Valentine’s Day: Forget finding a date on Single’s Awareness Day. Grab your favorite ladies and eat chocolate and gossip all night long, with a canopy of leaves to capture your secrets.

16th: President’s Day: This is not an overly exciting holiday but it does mean a free day off of work, which is exciting.



17th: St. Patrick’s Day: No need to wear green when you are surrounded by green already. It is not like a bear is going to pinch you after all. Drink responsibly but few things beat a raucous St. Paddy’s Day party in the hills. Be sure to keep a keen eye out for leprechauns…no one knows what hides in those caves.



3rd: Good Friday: Enjoy the pretty flowers as you reflect upon all the good in your life. This is a great time to introduce your reluctant family to the joys of camping, as they have no school and minimal homework over the holiday.

5th: Easter Sunday: Keep that family fun flowing into Sunday with a full weekend trip. It is a fun idea to hide Easter eggs in a meadow or by a stream. Just be sure to count all the eggs before you hide them, and make sure you collect that many before you leave. Easter littering is not cool.




10th: Mother’s Day: Get mom out of the house and out of the kitchen to celebrate. She will not have to worry about what to clean or who to feed for a whole day as you show her amazing mountainous views and feed her delicious sandwiches made by your own loving hands.




21st: Father’s Day: Let your father be his inner-caveman. Take him on an adventurous outdoor excursion that he might not normally try. Or let him relax in a canoe with a fishing pole all day.



4th: American Independence Day is one of the biggest days in camping, and it is easy to see why. Fireworks, wide-open spaces, freedom, these things that Americans cherish are wonderfully celebrated in the great outdoors. Join the throngs and enjoy the diverse countryside that makes America (or your own country) great.  A must for your camping calendar.



26th: Women’s Equality Day: Here at Camping for Women we fully believe that women can enjoy nature and be just as avid campers as men. This is the perfect day to celebrate that belief and keep it fresh in our minds. In honor of equality for women, for how far some countries have come and how far some have yet to go, let your hair down and run in the wind.



7th: Labor Day: This is another huge camping holiday because so many businesses close to honor their workers. Appreciate their gratitude and your newly free schedule by packing up the tent and escaping reality.

13th: National Grandparent’s Day: Older people love to reminisce about “the good ole’ days” back before they had electricity and running water and they walked to school in a snowstorm, mysteriously uphill both ways. Honor them on this holiday with your full attention around the campfire as they regale you with stories of days gone by. You will not have your grandparents forever and these little moments shared in the woods quickly turn into lasting memories.



12th: Columbus Day: Columbus was a brave man to go sailing into the great unknown. While you know the earth is round, adventure can still be found in nature; it is up to you to find it.

31st: Halloween: Anyone can go to a horror film and laugh off the scares, but who seriously laughs in the face of an angry bear? Or does not shiver when an eerie sound echoes through the camp at night? Test your guts with a night of camping. Wearing scary costumes is highly encouraged.


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26th: American Thanksgiving: This holiday is fondly referred to as a “food holiday.” The turkey is piled high around mountains of potatoes. This year replace those starchy hills with real ones. Focus less on the food and more on the blessings of nature and time with loved ones. But also pack the food because eating outside is the best.



23rd/24th: Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are such cosy holidays, full of mirth and love and joy. Celebrate with a day of snowboarding or snowshoeing and follow it up with hot chocolate. If snow is absent, take a stroll and talk about all the good things that year has brought before sitting around the fire to open presents.

31st: New Year’s Eve: Watching the ball drop as a kid was great; seeing the same event every year becomes a lot less special. Forget about the television full of drunk people and escape the mountains. Watch for falling stars and welcome in the New Year with a peaceful, wild acceptance of whatever life brings.


With all these holidays providing time off from work, quit making excuses, plan your camping calendar and get camping!


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